How To Play

Select 2 teams to win in the Premier League each Round

  • [A]     Commencing with the English Premier League fixtures on the weekend of 4th November 2023 (Round 1) through to the weekend of 30th december 2023 (Round 10), select 2 teams that you think will win a league game in that round of fixtures. The only condition is that you cannot select a team that you previously selected.  In other words, you can only select a team once in the entire competition.

    Over the course of the 10 rounds (of Premier League fixtures) in this competition, you will have to select ALL of the 20 teams in the Premier League, so plan ahead carefully!

    [B]     If the team that you have selected wins, you will be awarded 3 pts.  If your selected team wins and it is an “away” win, you will be awarded 1 “bonus” point.  If your selected team wins and score 3 or more goals you will be awarded 0.5 “bonus” point.  If your selected team wins and keeps a clean sheet you will be awarded 0.5 “bonus” point.

    If your team draws or loses, you will be awarded 0 points.

    The maximum score you can achieve in each round is therefore 10 pts. (e.g. 3-0 away win x 2)

     [C]     Your selection for each round must be made on-line to by 12 midnight on the day preceding the first match in that round of fixtures.  Of course, you can do multiple round selections at any time. Any change to this deadline will be advised to players in advance.

    Should you not record your selections on time – you will RANDOMLY be assigned (for that round) two teams that you have not selected (or been assigned) to date.

    [D]     The winner will be the player with the most points at the end of the competition.

    [E]     Should one or more players tie at the end of the competition the prize money will be shared.

    [F]     The entry fee for “Pick-A-Winner 2023” is only €20.50. [This includes a 50c administration fee].  The full fee is payable in advance on-line

    [G]     The prize-fund as usual will be 50% of the entry fees. i.e. €10 x the number of players.

    The number of prizes will be determined by the number of entries in the competition.
    [In the last two competitions, the winners picked up €500 each]

    [H]     If it is known that a team’s game is postponed (maybe due to cup involvement), you may still select either team*. Then, if any fixture is not be played on the appointed date, the result will be considered automatically when the fixture takes place. Should it not take place before the end of December 2023 when this competition is due to finish, we will await the outcome when the match actually takes place - even if some matches run into later months. While this might unfortunately prolong the competition, it seems to be the fairest way of doing it. [This rule may be revised if a round (or rounds) of fixtures is/are postponed].

    [* if you had pre-selected one of those teams, you can of course change your selection at any time prior to that round of fixtures].

    [I]      The VEC Football Club Committee’s decisions are final in all matters.

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